The service/training you choose to learn strategies will be tailored to your individual or organisation’s circumstances and preferences. You will have opportunities to practise these and develop a way of working that enables you to be productive, creative and feel more prepared to deal with new challenges that your study, work and life may present you with.
The aim of the service/training is to reduce the dissonance between what you feel is possible and the frustration at the lack of progress. Instead, derive a sense of achievement as you discover and bring to life your strengths and talents. You will develop a sense that YES – you can strive for opportunities and take on new challenges to manifest your best dynamic self or create organisational success.

For Individuals


Strengths & Development

1:1 programme to understand and overcome procrastination and increase productivity

Motivation & Productivity

Masterclasses and keynote presentations

International Support

1:1 training in acculturation and managing transition into higher education for international students

Management & Prevention of Burnout

Training and support for burnout prevention and recovery

Emotion Regulation & Wellness

1:1 therapeutic interventions to develop resilience

ADHD Assessments (Adults)

Therapeutic interventions to manage symptoms and restore confidence

Ways of Working

1:1 Consultations

Customised training programme to meet individual requirements

Collaborative and flexible

Focused on developing strengths and resilience

Psycho-educational approach focused on learning and development

Proven strategies based on positive psychology and solution focused approaches

For Organisations

Customised Training Programmes for

Secondary schools, colleges and universities

Training for burnout management

Education and health professionals supporting young adults in education/at work

Training on

Supporting young adults with mental health problems to enable engage with their education

Supporting international students in managing transition to studying in the UK

Keynote presentations on topics related to supporting young adults through personal development and enabling them to engage in education

Keynote presentations/Masterclasses on topics related to managing uncertainty and stress and burnout

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