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How do I access my course?

To access your course, go to the tab labelled “Dashboard” and select “My courses.”
You can also view the video below that walks you through the process.

For how long is my course available?

Your subscription to the course lasts for one year. You can access it at any time during this period. We will inform you of any changes and let you know about new content and courses as they become available.

I have a question but the topic is not covered in the content. How can I get information?

If you do not find information to answer your questions in the course, you can send a message to let us know of the topic you are interested in learning more.

How much time does it take to complete the course?

How it takes to complete the course depends on each individual. Some may prefer to do all the lessons at once, and others may like to take longer. The course is designed to spend some time on each lesson. You may want to do a lesson a day or one every week to assimilate the content and practise the skills.

You may choose to do all the lessons in succession to familiarise yourself with the content and then take time to go over each lesson at a slower pace to apply the strategies and develop the skills that will support your progress.

How do I complete a lesson?

Each lesson has different formats presenting the content, you can view the video, listen to the podcast or read the text, once you finish the activity, then go to the quiz (each lesson has one). Once you finish the quiz, go back to the lesson and click the complete button.
If you have further questions you can send a message letting us know.

How do I complete a quiz?

Click on the button to take the quiz, and then select the option that provides the more complete answer to the question based on the content of the lesson/course. 

In some ways, many of the options could be a possible answer, but it may not consider other aspects for a more complete answer.. 

Is there prior knowledge required?

You do not require previous training to benefit from this course. It is designed to be relatable and useful to people with different levels of training and experience.

You may be familiar with some of the content, the aim is to focus on the topic at this time and reflect on how it relates to your current situation. We hope that it validates what you know and it stimulates your thinking and sparks new ideas that you can then apply to your personal context.

What level are the courses?

They are suitable for the general audience, and in particular for those in education (secondary school and upwards), and for those who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the topics covered (motivation, procrastination).

Do you have discounts for students?

If you are a student (secondary school or at university) send us a message confirming the educational institution you are currently registered with and the course you are studying.
We will then send you a coupon that you can use when you get to the checkout.

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