Whether you are in secondary school or university, exams are part of academic life. As exam season approaches, it's natural to feel nervousness and apprehension. It is understandable to feel nervous as exams are an important part of the learning process. However, by adopting strategies that support learning, you can navigate this period with confidence and fulfil

Do you find that first thing in the morning you plan to complete several tasks, and yet, despite your good intentions, some tasks remain undone? It often puzzles us when we do not do what we intended to do, such as continuing with a work project or an academic assignment. At other times, we know the tasks

It can take time to get back into studying after the summer break or resume studying after having a job. It may feel daunting to get back into a routine of lectures and organising the workload, which is likely to include listening to pre-recorded material in preparation for tutorials.  As the term gets underway, you will be

Preparing for exams during Covid-19 presents new challenges due concerns about the pandemic. Perhaps you or some of your family members may have been ill, and in some cases, people have died under challenging circumstances.  When dealing with personal problems and when experiencing grief, it is essential to allow time and space to deal with thoughts and

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