Starting a new job or role: Managing the transition

Starting a new job or role: Managing the transition

Starting a new job or changing roles? Any new beginning is a time of many changes. The new job will bring new responsibilities as well as opportunities and challenges. 

Whenever we decide to do something new it is because we want to grow, learn new things, and make things better. We want to make progress so that we can gain knowledge, experience and develop our skills.

However, there will be moments of uncertainty, frustration, or  perhaps disappointment. Most people going through a period of change are likely to experience some of these feelings, particularly when they have invested a lot of resources and made great efforts, hoping for greater opportunities for the future.

In the first few weeks and months, it is normal to experience some level of apprehension as we are not sure what the new job will be like. We are curious and want to be able to start well doing good work.

In your previous job or role, you knew the people around you and had established relationships with them. You also were familiar with how things worked in the organisation. As part of the transition into a new situation, it will be important to take the initiative to meet new people, and allow time for relationships to develop.

At first, you are likely to notice differences and perhaps may compare them to what you are familiar with. Usually, when in new situations, we may find that there are some things that we do not like very much. It may feel awkward and uncomfortable, and this may be a bit unsettling. If this happens, consider them as part of the experience. Keep in mind that these feelings are normal when going through a period of change.  After a few days, as you begin to find your way around in your new environment, you will gradually notice that things begin to feel more familiar.

During transitions, it t is important to maintain our energy level as we need it to process information and manage our emotions. To maintain your energy, it is essential to develop healthy routines such as eating well to nurture your body, exercise to maintain your fitness, and sleep well to maintain an optimum level of energy. This is fundamental to feel well and confident as you go about your day.


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