Achieving your goals

Achieving your goals

What can you do to manage your inner world and maintain a more balanced approach to studying or working?

Do you have a sense that you are capable of good work, but are finding it difficult to make progress and move up to the next level?
Perhaps this is a busy time at work/studies where you have a number of tasks to work on and tight deadlines. Perhaps you are noticing the pressure is building up to deliver while feeling the tension of trying to meet the high standards that you expect of your self. However, the more you are concerned about the quality of your   work, the more likely it is that you may feel stuck worrying about your ability to achieve the results you expect in time.

Although this situation may feel highly challenging, and potentially stressful, there are alternative ways in which you can approach your work/studies by making the most of your brain’s amazing capacity to learn.

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.” (Isaac Newton)

Having the capacity for focused attention is what we most want to be able to work effectively. However, when we have a lot to do in a short space of time can become overwhelming.
Do you get thoughts about not doing good work, or failing to meet deadlines?
Usually these negative thoughts tend to be when we perceive the task is too challenging and when there is a lot at stake.

Although negative thoughts may trigger tension and nervousness you can train yourself to focus your attention and be productive. Each person has a unique way of dealing with challenges, so you are likely to find different things helpful compared to others.

Perhaps you notice that your mood fluctuates depending on how you feel your work is going. When studying noticing you understand the topic, and can remember key concepts, you are likely to recognise that you are making progress. When working, if you can see a way to solve a task and can apply your knowledge and skills effectively your mood will lift as you notice you are making progress.

However, if we do not have structure time is likely to slip by and not get much done. A lack of structure and no clear goals can lead to difficulty in concentration, reduced motivation, and low productivity.

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