March 2020

Factor that influence our ability to learn By understanding how our brain functions, and reflecting on the learning process we can change the way we think about our capacity to learn. Often, during times of high pressure we find it more difficult to concentrate on what we are doing. By training ourselves to pay attention to the present moment will enable to return to the task once we notice we have been distracted. With practice we can increase our capacity to maintain our attention for a period of time.

What can you do to manage your inner world and maintain a more balanced approach to studying or working? Do you have a sense that you are capable of good work, but are finding it difficult to make progress and move up to the next level? Perhaps this is a busy time at work/studies where you have a number of tasks to work on and tight deadlines. Perhaps you are noticing the pressure is building up to deliver while feeling the tension of trying to meet the high standards that you expect of your self. However, the more you are concerned about the quality of your   work, the more likely it is that you may feel stuck worrying about your ability to achieve the results you expect in time.

Do you feel that you want to get your work done, but wonder whether your efforts will produce the results you want? It is common to have these questions when having several tasks to complete, particularly when deadlines are tight. Take a moment to consider why you do what you do, - get up early to go to work, do the shopping, watch a TV programme, or read an article online. You probably will notice that you have a variety of reasons underlying your decision to engage with any activity. So, how do we decide what to do with our time, where we put our attention and spend our energy? What is motivation?  “Human beings have an active will toward health, an impulse toward growth – the actualisation of human potentials.” (A. H. Maslow)

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